Friday, May 1, 2015

Of Mice and Women

Emily's List must think its followers are half-witted.
Or Emily's List just knows they are.

In one of their latest spam email, copied below, Emily's List finally addresses the latest "attacks" against its BFF. The email is shocking in its frivolousness and cretinism. Full of empty statements, it repeats embarrassingly vacuous slogans that can hypnotise only the intellectually inferior.

Using a technique long known to work on the average evangelical worshiper, Emily's List first devalues criticism of Hitlery Clinton by confining it to the usual culprits: Fox News, Karl Rove, Beelzebub.
There is no mention of David Sirota, Bernie Sanders or respectable "attackers".
The alleged accusations against Hillary are never stated, either, not least, of course, that firms paid Bill Clinton personal cash while lobbying Hillary Clinton, then the same firms got $40M of State Dept deals. Or that Hillary made a U-turn on US-Colombia free trade pact just after she got some Colombian oil money.
With no clear accusations to be refuted, there's no need for refutation, of course, and hence not a single fact is ever presented to exonerate Hillary. Absent is any forthright, dignified response to the many, many horror stories showing Hitlary may be involved with a particularly abominable type of corruption. But who needs facts or reason in such a tight-knit group of girlfriends? Who needs brain with so many vaginas?

After a huge amount of nothing, abortion is thrown about, and so are other strobe-light words like women, pro-choice, families, child-care. Emily's audience is an easy one to work on. The disembodied voice of the email's pentecostal priest then scares the panties off the ladies by naming the boogiemale: Repuuublicaans. And then it soothes their femaly  souls with a generous offer of indulgence for 3 pieces of gold (not 2,99, surprisingly). Yes, that's how Emily's List email ends, fooling the dimwitted women twice: first by pretending that Hillary needs the public to fiance her campaign, and second by pretending that Hillary is a product of grass-roots voluntarism.

That such strategy is expected to work says a lot about how Emily's List see its audience or, perhaps more alarming, it says a lot about the audience itself. They almost deserve a prize. I'd give Emily's feminists the Pink Little Lace Award for Incredible Ability to Support a Cause One is Too Shallow To Understand (But Not So Stupid As To Not Take Full Advantage Of) . But to the well-intentioned female followers who give blind, unquestioned support for a potential criminal of an awfully immoral sort, I want to suggest you may be nothing but a malleable colony of single-cell organisms, individually irrelevant but collectively crucial in helping fester the purulence of US politics. I'd much rather be a proud housewife making awesome food in the kitchen than being used as fodder for the usual thieves.

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Jess McIntosh, EMILY's List <> wrote:

Emily's List

It happened almost instantly, Paula.

The second Hillary Clinton launched her campaign, Republicans like Karl Rove and every Fox News talking head you can think of started to launch attacks on her that simply aren't based on facts.

Fact-checkers and news organizations have discredited their claims, but that never stopped Republicans from repeating a good talking point to distract from their terrible policy.

The scary thing is that attacks that happen early can have a real habit of sticking — and Hillary isn't our only candidate facing them.

Help defend our candidates from Republican attacks by donating $3 before tomorrow's deadline. Every dollar you give helps set the record straight.

When it comes to doing what's best for American women and families, pro-choice Democratic women are pushing the right policies — like affordable childcare, paid sick leave, and raising the minimum wage.

Republicans can't win on that ground, and they know it. That's why they try to distract voters by making up fake controversies. Or, they outright lie about their positions — remember when Scott Walker told Wisconsin that he signed anti-choice laws because he trusts women to make their own health care decisions?

Make sure Republicans like Scott Walker don't get away with it by helping to shut them down now.

We've got just one day left to meet our April fundraising goal of $75,000, and we need to hit it if we're going to stop the Republicans' spin. We're just $29,254 short — will you donate $3 now?

Thanks for fighting back,

Jess McIntosh
Vice President of Communications, EMILY's List

P.S. The next day I receive another email reminding me that I haven't yet donated my three dollars to Hitlary's campaign.


Today's the last chance we have to reach our April fundraising goal — our first big deadline since Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign.

Our records show you haven't taken action since Hillary entered the race on April 12th — but there's still time to get involved!

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